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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

2017 California Duck Hunting, Sutter Refuge, Report, Hunting Clubs, Blind lease, how to hunt Sutter


2017 Duck hunting California Sutter Refuge 

- Hunting report and how to hunt Sutter refuge

- Sutter Refuge Maps and information

- Local duck hunting clubs and blind leases

-Access to 80 Hunting Ranches and Hunting Clubs for one monthly fee

California hunting clubs, hunting ranches, public and even private fishing


Boar hunting private lands in California has several advantages over the public areas. Chief among these are much less hunting pressure, better forage and water supplies and easier vehicle access. It's a fact of life, and if you've never got your boar, hunting on private ranches is almost a sure thing.
We use a hunting map site that has over 200 private ranches, with or without guides www.ranchhuntfish.com
Click on a county for Hunting Clubs & Private Ranches:

It's free, and get you access to our free map site too. Here is a copy of the home page:

how to hunt sutter refuge, hunting fishing maps and reports oregon and california

We have many more hunting and fishing maps, here is a screen shot, but if you want more info, click on this link: